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We created our first Goggle Ads campaign in 2007 and was one of the first agencies in the UK to be awarded the Google Partner badge. In 2018 we were handpicked by Google to their exclusive Elevator scheme, designed enhance the UK’s top-performing agencies.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, can often feel like you are dedicating vast amounts of time and money for very little return.

However, from our experience, we find that companies that commit to long-term SEO strategies experience great results and obtain high levels of return, especially in highly competitive markets.

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Paul Smith, Digital Marketer

SEO Audit

Our Search Engine Optimisation audit will look at your website’s technical elements and the external signals that search engines will use to rank your website.

We use the latest technology to review elements such as site speed, broken links and the relevance of keywords within each page of your website.

Free SEO Blueprint

Search Engine Optimisation is not a dark art, and we are happy to share our Blueprint, which is a cornerstone to many of our successful SEO campaigns.

Just reach out and request your free copy, no catch! We offer this blueprint to highlight the amount of work that goes into each campaign.

SEO Service

You guessed it, we also offer to implement our SEO Blueprint on your behalf allowing you to follow the progress and see exactly what work is being undertaken.

Our service also provides a monthly report showing the progress of each element of the campaign with measurable results, transparency at it’s best.

Keyword Research

Ubersuggest have created a great keyword planning tool which we use to perform our initial research. We include more info on this in our SEO Blueprint.

Once we have a good list of keywords, we can naturally include them with engaging content that will appeal to visitors and search engines at the same time.

Technical SEO

Website and Search Engines should be talking in a very similar language and our technical SEO audit and service ensures you take advantage of every tag.

Small changes to how your website code is presented, broadcasting the right signals, keywords incorporated in the right location to provide great results.

SEO Content

We have emphasised the importance of engaging content within our 5 step web development process as this is often overlooked when updating a website.

Search engines appreciate engaging content as much as your visitors, high-quality content will enhance your visitor’s experience whilst providing significant SEO advantages.

Request a copy of our SEO Blueprint

Our SEO Blueprint document will show you step by step how to improve your website’s SEO and enhance your performance in search engines such as Google.

The Blueprint starts by looking at a setup checklist, technical SEO suggestions (with suggested tools to test your own website) and ongoing tasks to improve your performance over time.

We do offer an SEO service to implement our SEO Blueprint on your behalf and happy to chat about your requirements and possible packages that we may be able to provide, just reach out and ask.

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